PSLab Experiments

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Here you find step by step instructions for Pocket Science Lab (PSLab) using the PSLab hardware and Android app. Please help by building up this website.

How to use PSLab Instruments on Android

How to use PSLab Instruments on Desktop

You will be presented with a home screen like this.

Click on the instrument you would like to use.

1. Oscilloscope

An instrument used to measure voltage changes over a period of time in real time.

GUI description


  1. Options used to select the active channels and the range of measurement.
  2. Timebase adjustments and trigger options.
  3. Fourier analysis and sin/squre fitting options.
  4. XY plotting settings.
  5. Graph area.
  6. Record button.
Basic Usage



Template for Experiments

Please help to contribute more step by step tutorials for experiments. Please use the experiment template to get started.