PS Lab contains the Gyroscope instrument which contains an easy way to measure rotational motion at a scientifcal level, right in your pocket. The accompanying PS Lab Android application gives the user real-time data from the gyrometer on the device. This documentation will aid the user through the Gyrometer’s functions and capabilities as well as how to use it.


The layout consists of three different graph plots for X, Y, and Z axes. There is also the option to configure the Gyrometer using the menu in the top right corner.


You can change the update period, high limit, sensor gain, and can choose to include location data.

Update Period - How fast the gyroscope updates motion. It is in milliseconds. High Limit - How high of a rotational angle the motion can reach, recorded in radians. Sensor Gain - How much the sensor gains during the rotational motion. Include Location Data - Whether you want to include your location in the logged file

How to Use it

The Gyroscope records rotational motion data from your Android phone. You can rotate it turn it in whichever way you would like. You can choose to record the data which will save it to the logged data as well.