What is a Barometer

A Barometer is an instrument used to measure the magnitude of air pressure in a certain environment or surrounding.

Uses of Barometer

A barometer has widespread use in various physical sciences like physics, astronomy etc. Some of its uses are : 1) Used to measure altitude 2) Used to make weather forecasts. 3) Used in Surface weather analysis. Apart from these uses barometers have other applications as well.

Digital Barometer in PSLab

For using the PSLab Barometer : 1) Android Phone 2) PSLab Android App

Procedure : 1) Navigate to The PSLab Android App on your device. 2) Click on the App to turn it on. 3) Now On the instruments page scroll down until you reach the Barometer instrument option. 4) On tapping the Barometer instrument the barometer instrument opens and can be used.